Solart presents the works of Guillermo Acevedo. Originally from Peru, Acevedo came to the United States in 1959 in search of a better life for his wife and three children. His original plan was to move to New York City where he could establish himself as the accomplished artist he had already enjoyed in his native Lima.

For two decades, Guillermo Acevedo became well known in San Diego for his poignant portrayal of Native Americans as well as his drawings of San Diego homes and tuna boats from the once thriving Tuna industry along San Diego bay. Acevedo later made his mark in San Francisco and continued to paint and exhibit his works there until he passed away in 1988.

Most of the works are for sale. For information on purchasing any of the art of Guillermo Acevedo, please contact Mario Torero.

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Guillermo Acevedo
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