The Art of Guillermo Acevedo

The works of Guillermo Acevedo depict a variety of emotions, political subtleties and irony of our every day lives.

The sampling of works here show the many different styles of Acevedo, from the solemn faced Native Americans, the colorful attire of the Native Peruvians, San Diego architecture, Southwestern adobes, and the rooftops in Cusco, Peru.

This site will continue to grow to include pieces from the vast collection left by Maestro Acevedo, including many that we hope to exhibit at a future show. Some of the works will be donated to museums in Lima, Peru; San Diego and San Francisco; the three cities that at different times, were home to Maestro Acevedo.

Solitario II Big Mountain El Brazelete "Bracelet"
Amerika Untitled Coca
El Puente
Pueblo Ladder
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